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Reliable and Affordable Cleaning in North Jutland

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Our Work Satisfaction Ensures Quality

We believe that work satisfaction is a shortcut to quality. That’s why we’re happy to pay our employees a well-deserved, high salary so they come happy to work.

When we enjoy going to work, you can trust that it’s reflected in the quality of our work.

That’s quality cleaning at a good price!

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Office, Warehouse, or Institution

We know that there are different needs, whether you require cleaning for your office, warehouse, institution, or other ad hoc tasks. Therefore, we handle each place differently to ensure you get the best result.

1. Office

Avoid irritation over dirty workspaces and facilities.

2. Warehouse

Treat your goods and warehouse as the valuable asset they are.

3. Institution

Create an environment where kids learn and develop better.

4. Ad hoc tasks

Tailored cleaning for your business or private home.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are fully transparent and easy to count on!
You can choose between a fixed hourly rate or a fixed price on request.

Hourly Rate

285 DKK

Fixed Price

On request


Listen to our satisfied customers – choose us for your next cleaning task!

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Want to be a part of the team?

Go to work with pride and get rewarded for your effort

Do you enjoy cleaning and have an eye for the little details? Then Universal Rengøring is the place for you!

Contact us if you have cleaning experience and are interested in flexible hours.


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